Little Down Dogs Yoga

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Yoga for children and their adults too!
I’m Jackie and I absolutely LOVE teaching yoga. This is your place for yoga for the whole family!
Pick from a range of children's classes and adult's classes - there’s even some yoga crafting for the little ones!

All classes are adaptable for every level of yogi. Come and give it a try!

*New classes added every week*

  • Kids Classes

    46 videos

    Pick one and press play! All our classes are based around familiar stories!

  • Teen Yoga Classes

    1 video

  • Welcome!
    0 videos


    0 videos

  • Yoga Based on Books

    18 videos

  • Yoga Based on Classic Tales

    5 videos


    10 videos

    Meditation for all your children - age appropriate and allows little ones (and big ones) to clear the mind and relax.

  • Kids Yoga Poses

    46 videos

    Ever wondered how to do a horse pose or a lizard pose? Have a look here!

  • Yoga Crafts
    9 videos — 15 extras

    Yoga Crafts

    9 videos — 15 extras

    Colouring, crafting and mindfulness activities all related to our yoga stories! Hope you have fun!

  • Adult General Classes

    29 videos

    In this section you’ll find general all-level Yoga classes. All are fully adaptable for ability and include breathing exercises, postures and a lovely relaxation at the end!

  • Quick Classes (Under 30 mins)

    22 videos

    Various classes coming in under 30 minutes - perfect if time is short!

  • Adult Yoga Shred®️

    13 videos

    Come and join me for a short sharp workout! Yoga Shred®️ is a mixture of Yoga and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Using Tabata timing (20 seconds of exercise and 10 seconds rest), we mash up fabulous yoga postures and some shreds too! Guaranteed to make you SWEAT!

  • Yin Yoga
    4 videos

    Yin Yoga

    4 videos

    Let’s get deep! Yin Yoga is excellent for slowing you down and getting into poses in a deep way. By holding every pose for longer, it allows you get much deeper than normal which will allow you gain greater flexibilty.

  • Chair Yoga

    5 videos

    Great for those that would like to join in some yoga from the comfort of their chair. 5 classes to enjoy.